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Regardless of how long you’ve been painting, you won't struggle anymore!

Master artist John MacDonald is about to solve two big problems that most landscape painters experience:
1. How to convey emotion when there are no tubes of paint labeled “Tranquility,” “Drama,” or “Peace”? Emotion makes people RESPOND to your paintings.

2. How to create an amazing landscape painting when working from sketches, studies, or photographs.
High Demand for John MacDonald
After the release of John’s best-selling video over a year ago, people have told us they want to see more of his techniques. So he’s back with even more new approaches to train your brain. In this video, he focuses on how to craft an absolutely poetic painting using photos and sketches.

There is Great Value in a Great Teacher
John paints and teaches differently than any other artist. In fact, we love all of our teachers, but John is probably the best of all the teachers we represent because he patiently describes everything for complete understanding. It’s sophisticated, but not talking over anyone’s head.

7 Steps to Success
Over the years, John has created a 7-step system for landscape painting that makes the entire process more predictable and manageable, but not robotic.

Go From Great to Extraordinary
Using John’s process will free up your time, and your mind, to focus on other things in your painting — things like the mood you want to capture, the message you want to send, and the emotion you want to evoke. THIS is what will take your paintings from great to extraordinary.

Striking Paintings
As he demonstrates his proven 7-step landscape painting system, artists of every level will be able to understand and apply John’s tried-and-true steps and techniques that have allowed him to create striking and award-worthy paintings.

Elevate Your Ability
You’re about to discover how color, value relationships, and the quality of light will help you elevate your ability to create a desired mood or emotion in your paintings. You’ll see how composition, selecting a focal point, and tonal underpainting make a tremendous difference in how people see and experience your artwork.

And take a deep breath because John is going to show you how to...

Paint From a Photo? (GASP!!)
Another quality that makes John stand out from other artists is that he often works from pencil sketches, painted color studies, and photographs to create landscape paintings in his studio.

Make Paintings That Don't Look Like You Used Photo References
Now we know you may have been taught that it’s impossible to capture the amazing beauty of nature from a soulless picture that distorts color, condenses values, and can make it hard to distinguish shapes and shadows. John is a plein air painter too, and prefers to capture nature while painting outdoors, but that’s not always possible. The key is understanding what to use and what to leave out in a photo. Understanding the principles John demonstrates will remove the mystery.

There are times you may want to work in the studio, and John is going to show you how you can still paint gorgeous landscapes while indoors — it’s all about how well you set yourself up for success before you start the painting.

As you can see, John is at the top of his game. He’s an excellent artist and instructor, and he’s going to show you how he does it. John’s paintings have a rich tonal feeling, much like those created a hundred years ago. They’re tasteful, elegant, and have a feel most artists wish they understood how to create.

In this video, John shows you his best:
  • Pick a mood, any mood … and paint it!
  •  Amp up your overall painting skills and progress toward mastery
  •  Why some paintings work … and others fail!
  •  His proven 7-step landscape painting system (you’ll wish you could have known this years ago!)
  •  The new math for artists (don’t worry, it’s easier than algebra!)
  •  Keeping it real when painting from photo references (yes, it’s possible!)
  •  How to get a fuller range with fewer paints (what every plein air painter wants to know!)
  •  How to paint snow (it’s more than just white!)
  •  Paint what you want to say (your stories, your way!)
  •  Use illusion to create magic (this will impress your viewers!)
  •  Use a layered method to create depth
  •  Really “get” the structure of lights and darks (this, you need to know!)
  •  Where to place the essential details and where they should be avoided
  •  This ONE thing will create more interest in no time!
  •  …And so much more!

John MacDonald: The Deep Thinker
You’re getting a great instructional video with John sharing his 7-step system, showing you how you can paint feeling and emotion into your artwork, and ways to create a stunning landscape painting from your studio. He helps you solidify your learning by demonstrating a start-to-finish painting that will inspire you to try each tip, trick, and tool he uses.

Get Inside the Mind of the Artists to Make Your Own Work as Deep
As if all of this weren’t valuable enough, you won’t want to miss the sit-down interview with the artist that’s included in the video. John shares even more about what makes him tick — he’s a deep thinker and a guy with an incredible love of the outdoors.

More Than Just Step-by-Step
John demonstrates his proven 7-step landscape painting process — 7 steps that go way beyond “do this, now do that.” John is going to show you, step by step, how to really add depth and meaning to your paintings. Not only will your paintings be better, but you’ll be experiencing plein air painting in a whole new way.

Communicate What You Feel
John says he doesn’t want to just paint pretty pictures … his goal is to take notice of why he’s so interested in a scene and why it touches him so deeply. In turn, he builds those feelings into his paintings. When he looks at them, he’s taken back to the live experience. When others look at his paintings, they get to experience them as if they’d been there too.

A Gallery Of Paintings to Inspire You
See exactly what John does when you view the digital gallery of some of his best work that’s included with the video.

You just won’t find a better artist and instructor to teach you that even though your tubes of paint aren’t labeled with emotional states, you can paint as though they were.

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P.S. This is more than just an instructional video. You’re about to discover the secret to loving landscape painting even more than you do now. You’ll be finding a deeper meaning to everything you paint and learn how to share stories and emotions through those paintings.

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